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Generate free Aeria points Online. Works for all Aeria games and accounts, start playing Aura Kingdom and other Aeria games with free Aeria points.

About Get Aeria Points

Welcome to get Aeria points the place for Aeria games players to get free Aeria points that they can spend in the points mall of their Aeria game.

Our Aeria points generator can create Aeria points for everyone that have an Aeria games account with one or more active game characters.

Aeria points generator 2017 is powered by Online cloud hostng. This means that you dont have to download any software to create your Aeria points.

ase note that using the Aeria points generator can in certain cases resulting in banning of your account. This will happen to accounts that have been using bots or have been doing any illegal activities.

you have been using any types of bots on the Aeria servers with your active account, then please use our generator at your own risk but keep in mind that your account can be banned at any moment.

r account will not be bannend if you have been using your Aeria account like a normal gamer would have and have not used any bots before.

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